Bring travel networking to Facebook using Twigmore

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November 19, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

Websites like tripadvisor have forums that gives tips, advice and suggestions on everything that you have or may have or have not planned for your next trip. And then there is Triposo giving you free travel guides for your smartphone, while Gtrot wants to give you social, friends-sourced recommendations via Facebook. And Gogobot also provides a gamified, Yelp-like platform where you can leave reviews of destinations you visit and get recommendations from your friends.

These are all great options, but sites like Trippy and CouchSurfing are off-Facebook platforms that connect to the social network through Facebook Login. A new travel site, called Twigmore, launched yesterday, is cutting out the middle man and launching a travel network directly on Facebook.

Twigmore puts people, not places, at the heart of a travel platform; while most travel websites focus on places, offering pictures of hotels, restaurants, etc., Twigmore relies on friends and people we inherently trust that give us the best travel recommendations — the best insight and tips come from people who actually live at these destinations.

On Twigmore, when a user is planning a trip to Los Angeles, for example, they may discover that a friend knows someone who is currently living in the city. If the traveler likes live music, with a couple of clicks through their Facebook profile, they can discover what kind of music the person likes, get introduced to the local contact for a scoop on concerts, and perhaps even go see a concert with the person when they get to Los Angeles — and make a friend in the process. What’s more, Twigmore users can get notified if other friends are going to be in the city at the same time.

Twigmore also wants to offer its own recommendations for things to do when people arrive at their destination, a starter kit, if you will. They’ve just begun adding features there, and have started with Groupon Deals for some discounted activities for people to during their stay in 100+ U.S. destinations.

Twigmore was founded in October 2009 in New York City by media executives Stephen Smyth and Peter Baer, formerly of Thomson Reuters and Warner Brothers, respectively, and in just a few months of beta testing, Twigmore users have already built a database of over 1.7 million local contacts in over 38,000 cities around the world.


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