Get better airplane seats, even on sold-out flights, from ExpertFlyer

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November 15, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

ExpertFlyer is a company that gives you information on the best possible airline tickets, and is offering a free feature if you want to change your seat or trying to get onto a sold out flight. To take advantage of the tool, called “Seat Alerts”, you create a free account on the ExpertFlyer website where you can setup an alert to be notified when the seat you want becomes available. This can be helpful for passengers who find themselves stuck with a ticket for the dreaded “middle seat” or who are having trouble getting onto a sold out flight.

Usually, airlines require flyers to have a ticket and will only change a passenger’s seat to another “unoccupied” seat. Travelers also usually have to wait until boarding time to find out if the seat they want becomes available. With “Seat Alerts”, travelers no longer have to wait and can switch their seat online once they receive a notification via text or e-mail.

Creating an alert is simple: search the ExperFlyer seat map for your flight, then check the types of seats you prefer (window, aisle, exit row seats, 2 seats together, or specific seats). Useful for sold out flights, you can create a seat alert for any seat. When the seat you want is found, you’ll get an email notification and then you can call the airline to change or buy your seat.

ExpertFlyer also incorporates ratings from previously reviewed Seat Guru so you can select the ideal seat.

The free feature allows travelers to maintain one active Seat Alert at a time. If you’re a frequent traveler or need multiple Seat Alerts, you can buy them for $0.99 each or sign up for a paid monthly account with more features, starting at $4.99.

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