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November 13, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

Planning a trip and searching for all the things-to-do and must-sees takes time. There are a plethora of websites out there that will plan trips for you, but of course you have to pay a price for that. Or else search for all of them yourself and plan it. And there’s the question of how do you go from one attraction to the other? Have I covered all of them? How long does it take to walk from one place to the other? Do I need public transportation? All these questions can be answered by Tripomatic for you.

Tripomatic makes you a traveler from a tourist by providing recommendations on that destination you choose or by letting you choose your own while providing all the information you need – directions, maps, sight seeing information, and reviews from various forums.

Tripomatic helps you in creating a completely customizable trip for yourself, where you can add your favorite ideas straight into your personalized, printable itinerary; you can see the routes to these places on a map. It’s like browsing Google Maps, Lonely Planet and Wikipedia simultaneously all in one place.

Created by husband and wife team and based in Brno, Czech Republic, Tripomatic allows you to store your information like bookings, ideas, must-see places in one place. Very few travel planning sites offer as much functionality and an easy and relaxed experience that results in a memorable holiday.

Currently available for European destinations only, they expect to add more destinations that will make you take that next vacation right away.

UPDATE – December 1, 2012
Tripomatic iPhone AppTripomatic has launched their app for iOS featuring integrated offline maps and guides (at an extra cost) to help you create or modify your trip plans on-the-go. The app features more than 30,000 attractions available in over 300 destinations throughout the world.

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