Get real-time Twitter deals on TripTwit

Travel On The Dollar
November 9, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

Everyone is looking for deals on that next trip or the last-minute deal on a restaurant or hotel. You can always look up Twitter to find that deal for you or just sign-up at TripTwit, which is a start-up website that finds travel deals from Twitter in real-time.

You can tell them where you want to go or what your favorite travel brand is and the website will send a daily email with all the deals they find on Twitter. Join their mailing list or just head over to the Sitemap section to search for deals by location, brand or type (cruise, air, vacation, car rental, hotel, etc).

It’s powerful tool for bargain-hunting travelers, and with over 5,000 users signing up just in two weeks, this is something we think is going to be huge. Joining is free!

If you are a veteran of websites where travel deals are commonly laid out in detail, or of sites like Hotwire or Priceline where travel deals are sold, you may not find a lot that you don’t already see elsewhere. But a lot of airlines and hotels give exclusive deals on Twitter and that’s where TripTwit comes handy.

Although you will see a lot deals on their website, it would have been be nice if they also mentioned the duration of the deal and if the deal has expired.

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