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November 9, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

By Margot McClelland

Charter Flight
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Waiting in long lines, traveling in crowded areas, and uncomfortable cab rides can make traveling one big nightmare. For most vacation and business travelers, chartering can be a very cost-effective and convenient way to do things, compared to going with the usual public transportation. Luckily, you can easily book a spot on your very own jet charter using And if you’re hitting the road, you can just as easily charter a limousine or a bus. If you decide to travel by way of charter, you’ll be astounded by how much more relaxing and pleasant it is than ordinary travel. Here are some things you should know about chartering:

If you charter a jet, there will be no more long lines, no more security measures, no more baggage checks, or delayed flights. On a jet charter, you will have your very own personal pilot who will greet you when you arrive. You will have all the privacy you could possibly desire, and you can unwind and relax. Too good to be true? This is an experience you will surely have when on a jet charter. A jet charter could be a good deal for large groups because many companies offer rates that start at $1,900 per hour of traveling for 8 people. This means that if you fly someplace that takes 2.5 hours to get to, each passenger could pay around $600 for the round-trip. That is around the same amount you might have to pay if you booked a flight with a major airline.

When you are flying alone, private jets can be chartered. Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a VIP to travel on a private jet. Jet charters are luxurious, but they don’t cost nearly as much as owning your own jet. There are small-sized jets that can be rented. These are more compact, so they cost less. They are perfect for those who do not mind not having a whole lot of space.

When traveling with a large group by land, a bus charter is a perfect option. It is comfortable and reasonably priced. Chartering could spare big groups cramped conditions on public buses.

Whether solo or with a group, a limousine charter is an excellent way to make a great impression, no matter what your final destination is. A limousine charter can be the ultimate addition to an already special occasion. Whether you decide to charter a stretch sedan or an SUV limousine, you will enjoy yourself in an elegant interior that caters to your needs.

Charter travel does away with the hassles of public travel. It offers ultimate convenience, and it can be a lot more affordable than you might imagine.

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