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Find your arrival or departure gate with Airport Compass

November 3, 2011

Airport Compass

Airport Compass

If you’re a first timer on an airplane traveling around the globe then you may have experienced stress finding that gate you have to go to during departures or connections, even with all the directions provided on most airports around the world. Designers Kang Eun-Kyung and Park Ji-Eun designed this concept boarding pass that can help navigate you to your gate.

Airport Compass is an airline boarding pass that incorporates a compass to help these passengers find the right gate without any stress. It’s been designed specifically for the elderly people, children, and those who unfamiliar with traveling by plane. The compass is powered by a solid-state thin film battery, which needs very little energy and is flexible. The arrow is illustrated on e-paper. RFID (radio frequency identification) technology guides the passenger to their gate, having recognized the passenger’s travel route.

All the passenger needs to do is follow the arrow. Furthermore, the ticket connects to kiosks within the airport for easy information access about arrival city, such as the weather, transportation, food, etc.

Airport Compass

Airport Compass

Airport Compass

Airport Compass

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