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Thello train service linking Paris-Milan-Venice starts in December

October 28, 2011

Thello Train

Thello Train

The tickets for the new train linking Paris, Milan and Venice, called Thello, are already on sale for EUR 35, with the maiden trip on December 11, 2011.

The project was born in early January 2011 by a partnerhip between the transport company of Group FS Italiane (Italian Railways) and the French Veolia Transdev to jointly operate a night train link on the Paris-Milan-Venice route.

The name given to the train is Thello. The objective of Thello is to compete with the air links on its route and divert passengers to the train, which will offer convenience, quality, a competitive price, and a door-to-door service.

The first trains Thello will circulate at night from December 11, 2011 between Paris Gare de Lyon and Venezia Santa Lucia railway station and will stop at: Dijon-Ville railway station, Milano Centrale, Brescia, Verona Porta Nuova, Vicenza, and Padova.

Thello will have four classes of service:
– 6 berth carriages
– 4 berth carriages
– 3 berth carriages
– single our double bed carriages with private bathroom and shower.

There will be also a restaurant carriage operated by LSG Sky Chefs, where it will be possible to have dinner and breakfast on board. If privacy is a preference, book a double compartment in first class on Thello night train. Each car on the Thello night train features one shared wash cabin and a toilet, an individual room key and wake-up service. Want a little more comfort for your family of four? Then, book a T4, a shared, non-gender specific compartment, with a wash cabin and toilet within the car. Train accommodations aside, you’ll enjoy the Thello night’s convenience.


  • MJP

    You would book the Thello from Paris to Milan and then Book a separate ticket (not Thello) from Milano to Venezzia S. Lucia (the station on the island) for the next day.
    You can do both on Click on English on the top and then enter the dates for the train. For the Thello also check for the flexible price and when it gets you to the second page click again that you want to see the best option and look for smart in the drop down box and if not available for go which will show you a reduced price if available.

    Look for the mini price for the second ticket by checking the box “search for the best price flexible days” depending on the time of departure and the date you can get it for as little at Euro 19.

    To get a totally private cabin you need to go to the sleeper for two or a sleeper 3 where you reserve the whole sleeper at a higher rate. Otherwise you will be sharing be it in couchettes 4 or 6 or a sleeper 3.

  • Don Buelke

    We’re planning to land at Charles De Gaulle and embarking on a cruise out of Venice in mid-September. I have several questions:

    How do we get from the airport to the Thello terminal?

    Is the ticket/reservation the only thing we need, or do we need some type of inter-country pass?

    I’m not clear on the various cabin options. Since there will be just my wife and myself, do we ask for a 2-berth cabin or can we simply get seats and not a cabin? And are the multi-berth cabins shared with others if we don’t get a 2-berth?

    Can we stop in Milan for a day to visit a friend and continue on the same ticket, or do we need to book two separate agenda?

    • Travel On The Dollar

      Hi Don,
      As per the best of our knowledge, here’s your information:
      You need to take the Paris metro from CDG to Gare du Nord train station:
      Line => RER B (Blue)
      Direction => Paris (Robinson, Antony, St-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse)
      Arrival Stations => Gare du Nord, Châtelet les Halles, St Michel/Nôtre Dame, Luxembourg, Port Royal, Denfert-Rochereau, Cité Universitaire
      Ticket => “Billet Ile-de-France” Aéroport CDG – Paris (Zone 5 -> Zone 1)
      Please make sure to check the metro line timings beforehand. Once you reach Gare du Nord, you can take the Thello train from there. On the station itself you will find directions and station number to your train.

      It’s advisable to book early on their website. And since France and Italy are in the Schengen zone, you may or may not need visa (Schengen Visa). But no additional inter-country pass is needed. There may or may not be occasional checks on the train while crossing borders.

      You can book the cabin bed for both of you. Check this for all options.

      Unfortunately you cannot travel on the same ticket the next day. We believe you need to purchase two separate tickets, one for each leg of your journey.

      Hope this helps.
      – Andrew

  • Marti

    Will the Thello night trains honor the eurorail pass?

    • Travel On The Dollar

      Hi Marti,
      Unfortunately not. Eurail passes in France are applicable only on their national network SNCF. This page can give you more information.
      Hope this helps.

  • panchita

    Their website seems to be in French with no translation available. Thank you for your help.

    • Travel On The Dollar

      You’re welcome. If you’re using Google Chrome browser then you have the option to translate it in English.

  • panchita

    Do you have to connect in Brescia in order to get to Venice?

    • Travel On The Dollar

      We believe yes. You can check out their schedules and destination at this link

  • Steve Hutchinson

    I think there’s been a bit of artistic licemce with the picture of the train! The picture does not depict an “overnight” service. Really it should be changed. Having said that overnight sleeper travel is fantastic and this “refreshed” service can only be better than the previous “Artesia”.

    • Travel On The Dollar

      Hi Steve,
      Thanks for pointing this out. We got this picture from the Thello website and since the services were just started we didn’t get a chance to upload any real picture. If you have traveled with Thello, then it’s be awesome if you can send us a picture.

  • Looks good, looking forward to trying this out. It’s predecessor, the Artesia, wasn’t the best sleeper service.

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