Sri Lanka makes visa changes

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October 14, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

Sri Lanka Visa
Sri Lanka Visa
Sri Lankan tourist industry is booming after the end of ethnic war early this year and also with ferries been restarted between India and Sri Lanka. Travelers to Sri Lanka from over 84 countries have been given visas-on-arrival, free of charge, which will change soon.

A new system was unveiled this week according to which, starting January 1, tourists or business travelers will need to apply fro a visa in advance, usually online on the new site, and pay a processing fee of US$50 for tourists, US$60 for business travelers and US$25 for transit passengers. Only those from Singapore or The Maldives will be exempt.

A part of making travel easier and secure for international travelers, this change will give tourists a double-entry month-long permit, business people multiple-entry, and transit passengers seven days. Most will get it but those who are turned down will not be reimbursed. The process will take a few days. For visits longer than a month, additional visa fees are payable, varying from country to country.

Third parties or registered agents can also apply.

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