Sprint & Verizon in U.S. will unlock iPhone 4S for international travelers

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October 12, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

Customers in United States who get the new iPhone 4S on Sprint or Verizon’s CDMA-network will unlock the phones for global roaming. This will save money that AT&T charges on international rate plan. These two carriers can unlock the micro-SIM card slot and not worry about people jumping ship to another carrier. AT&T locks the micro-SIM slot so you can only use the phone on its network.

The downside of iPhone 4S is its micro-SIM slot which most carriers world-wide don’t support. But you can always get a Micro SIM Cutter for less than $5 on Amazon.

Also, since the iPhone 4S is a ‘world phone’ (GSM + CDMA), you can just pop-in a SIM card and the unlocked phone will work on any carrier world-wide.

iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S
Between Sprint and Verizon, Sprint offers the better deal on the iPhone 4S. It’s selling the handset with an unlimited data plan and an unlocked micro-SIM slot. Verizon does not have an unlimited data plan and will unlock your handset, but only after you have been a customer in good standing for 60 days. This international unlock is available for all Verizon’s world phones, but this is the first time it applies to the iPhone.

Sprint said that its SIM will not be unlocked, adding that the card will not even be removable.

Our SIM does not come out of the device – I believe the same is true of Verizon’s iPhone but you would need to confirm that with them. Customers can sign up for one of our international rate plans and use this phone all over the world. When traveling internationally, there is a setting that must be turned on within the device to connect to GSM. The phone will work with a SIM that is provided within the device out of the box. International voice and data charges are on a pay-as-you-go basis and vary based on the country where the customer is using their phone; a list of rates is available at www.sprint.com/international.

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