Pay more to fly to Europe from Jan 2012

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October 9, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

Europe Airlines
Europe Airlines
The European Union airline emissions cap is expected to begin in January 2012. This means if you are flying to any destination in Europe, you need to pay more.

From January, all airlines will have to buy carbon credits under the European Union’s emissions trading scheme ETS.L to help offset the carbon emissions of flights that land or take off in Europe.

An adviser to Europe’s highest court said on Thursday said that “European rules forcing all airlines to pay for carbon emissions are within the law.”

So far 25 countries including India, China, Brazil and Russia are opposing the EU’s move. The Canadian airlines and airline associations have gone a step further and have challenged the EU’s move in a High Court in London. In fact there’s criticism of the EU move from many industry quarters.

It is the European Union versus the rest of the world and right now the battle is a legal one. But there’s every chance that the next chapter could be fought between governments.

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