ITC Hotels in India has floors staffed by and for women only

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October 6, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

ITC Mughal Hotel, Agra
ITC Mughal Hotel, Agra
ITC Hotels, India’s leading hospitality chain of 8 luxury LEED Platinum-certified properties, has pioneered the introduction of a range of special facilities and amenities in response to the growing numbers of female travelers from varying backgrounds. Designed to meet the requirements of its female clients traveling for business or leisure, ITC Hotels has designated an entire floor in each of their luxury collection properties as an EVA Floor – a floor that is completely staffed and serviced by female employees from the service personnel, to the Welcome Diva, security stewards, and room attendants.

Luxuries exclusive to the EVA floor include an impressive array of high-end personal care products that range from a selection of bath soaps, combs and brushes, perfumes, lotions and even make-up. Personal valets are on call to assist with dressing, wrapping a sari and preparation of clothing for any occasion, business or leisure. Conveniences such as multiple full-view mirrors, ambient lighting and high-end entertainment systems are in every room. ITC Hotels’ signature services, everything from special dietary options, spa services, business facilities such as board room usage, and more – are also available on EVA Floors.

EVA floors are generally located on the bottom to middle floors so that they are closer to the Lobby. Each hotel has between 12 and 14 EVA rooms. The EVA floors are a popular option for women travelers, especially those who are traveling alone; the average occupancy rate is 70% – 75% across the chain. EVA room rates start at US$850 per night, excluding taxes and service charges.

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