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Avis books a car from TripIt itineraries

October 4, 2011

Avis and TripIt have streamlined the car rental process; using TripIt accounts, Avis uses your itinerary data to pre-populate reservation fields, add plans back into TripIt seamlessly, and anticipates any flight changes. The car is ready no matter what time you arrive.

This way you can click on imported flight or hotel bookings from other suppliers on the homepage and book a car rental to round out your travel plans. All in all, Avis enables TripIt members to book an Avis car rental on without entering any other information.

There is no need to enter the traveler’s name, arrival/departure date, time or locations, email address, airline name or flight number, Avis says.

Here’s how it works:
Sign up for Avis and TripIt accounts on their respective websites, and then navigate to to link the accounts.'s TripIt page's TripIt page

Users of TripIt email their travel bookings – flight & hotel – to and TripIt organizes them into itineraries.

Visit and authorize Avis to retrieve your current trips from TripIt, then they will be displayed on the bottom right of the homepage and also on the Avis’ TripIt service page.

Click on any upcoming trip and begin the car rental booking process without having to input travel dates or destinations.

And, once you’ve booked your car rental, if you have authorized Avis to do so in you preferences, Avis will automatically transmit your car rental information to TripIt, which will place it in your TripIt itinerary, too.

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