Tips on Finding Cheap Hotels, Resorts and Timeshares

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September 28, 2011  •  1 min(s) read

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When budgeting for a vacation, we tend to factor in our accommodation as a significant chunk of the expense, however if we do our research, this doesn’t always have to be the case. In the old days, finding an inexpensive place to stay took a lot of phone calls and frustration, but with the Internet all it takes is a few clicks and a credit card to find the perfect resting spot. But even for those Internet savvy individuals, it can be quite confusing to find the cheapest and most comfortable place to stay since there are so many sites out there and so many types of accommodation. Here are some helpful tips to consider when booking your accommodation.

Hotel/Resort Sites
I’ve always found it best to book hotels on the all encompassing sites like and as opposed to a single hotel’s website, because you’ll be able to find an array of nice hotels with a single destination search and those sites typically have weekly deals or discounts when you bundle your flight, accommodation and car rental. Another good idea is to sign up for their email blasts to be kept up to date on all the new deals being offered. You’ll be surprised with the amount of money you can save just booking a room on these sites instead of an individual resort’s site.

Timeshare Sites
A lot of people out there don’t realize that timeshare units are actually available for rent. So, instead of staying in a hotel on your next trip, you could be staying in a resort condo for around the same price. If you want to keep it on the cheaper side though, try a resale site instead of booking through the timeshare resort website. Sites like have a wide assortment of timeshare rentals available in every part of the world and their simple search tool makes it easy to find the lowest priced rental in your vacation destination. They also have campground rentals, RV rentals and even pet friendly rentals. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re traveling with a large group of friends.

So, next time you are booking a vacation remember to check out alternative vacation sites, instead of just the Holiday Inn or Motel 8, because you might be able to score the same affordable prices in a much nicer hotel, resort or timeshare rental.


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