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TripColor is a live-picture-blogging app for iOS

September 26, 2011



Link on iTunes: TripColor
Cost: Free

Travelers can keep a diary of their day to day travels by adding a real-time picture to the post while creating either public or private trips on this free app for iOS called TripColor.

If you’re unable to see a particular destination then just browser itineraries of other fellow travelers. Users can browse a variety of different travel blogs but the real benefit stems from keeping track of a friend or family member who’s going on a trip of a lifetime.

Glorious photos can be added to keep everything about the app attractive to look at while a location function means it’s easy to see the path a traveller has taken.

It’s free and it’s amazing! Give it a try.


  • Real-time blogging
  • View friends and family’s trips
  • Share content on Facebook
  • Location services help you determine the place automatically.
  • Blog posts can be added without data network and will be uploaded when internet available.


  • Uses data network to view itineraries or update profile. Hence, no offline updates.
  • Doesn’t let you change the location.


Landing screen of TripColor

Landing screen of TripColor

See itineraries of other travelers by selecting a particular trip. The default landing screen has the featured trips. Each trip has a cover image, name of the traveler and how many days was that trip.
My Trips on TripColor

My Trips on TripColor

Selecting ‘My Trips’ will list all the trips you have added. Click the “+” button to add a new trip. You can share the trip on Facebook or edit it (click on the pencil sign); see the number of travel sights or spots you have entered in number of days.
Detailed Trip on TripColor

Detailed Trip on TripColor

Upon adding or editing a trip will let you add a new date, time, picture and details about that particular location. Note that adding any data to any screen will make use of the data network.
Profile information on TripColor

Profile information on TripColor

Manage your profile name, profile picture here. It gives you a screenshot of your TripColor web-page and iPhone screen.

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