Seychelles and Turkey will have visa-free travel between them

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September 14, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

Seychelles (Source: Wikipedia)
More and more countries are signing the Visa Waiver programs that allows citizens of either countries to travel to the other without a visa for specific number of days. Earlier this year, we had reported that travel between Georgia and Turkey was passport-free.

And now the Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs has completed a Visa Waiver Agreement with the government of Turkey, which will allow for Seychellois passport holders to travel to Turkey visa free for a period of up to 90 days.

The agreement, which was signed by the Seychelles Foreign Minister, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam, and the Turkish Ambassador to Seychelles, Mr. Tuncer Kayalar, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Seychelles this afternoon has been described by the Ambassador as a clear indication of the growing cooperation and “the will, desire, and commitment to further enhance relations” between the two countries.

Amb. Kayalar said that, even though Seychelles does not have a visa regime in place for Turkish visitors, this new agreement will help highlight that fact to the Turkish people and will encourage more tourists to visit Seychelles, which will in turn allow for a more balanced and mutually beneficial relationship.

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