Google Flight-search is fast, intuitive tool for cheap flight search

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September 13, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

Google just launched Google Flights Search, a fast, intuitive airline search tool.

As compared to other sites like Hipmunk and Kayak, Google Flights is really fast in displaying results and like most travel sites, it does not show the “searching airlines” intermediary screen. Moreover, you can see the results on Google Map where you can scroll all the inbound or outbound flights in the maps itself.

Filtering tools like non-stop, price, duration comes useful to help you find tickets matching preferences. After a few initial comparisons, Google Flights Search also looks like it’s returning the same “lowest fare” as sites like Hipmunk.

Google Flights
Google Flights
Clicking on the tiny calendar icon will give an interactive feature of how much would a flight cost approximately for the selected dates. Move the slider and see the prices change instantly – no refresh required.

Google Flights - Interactive feature shows prices by dates
Google Flights - Interactive feature shows prices by dates


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