Travel tip: Saving money on Frontier Airlines (U.S. only)

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September 6, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

Frontier Airlines check-in
Frontier Airlines check-in
If you are flying Frontier Airlines, then avoid paying baggage fees by having a bag that is small enough to call a carry-on, but big enough to not fit in the small overhead bin in the aircraft.

Once you’re at the gate, Frontier Airlines will “gate-check” your bag by tagging it with a pink-slip for free. This way you don’t have to pay baggage fees. The downside to this is that your bag will be unloaded along with other checked-in bags and available to pick up at the baggage claim.

Also, passengers with a single carry-on that fits under the seat have priority to board the plane over others, so make sure to gate-check your bag as soon as you arrive at the gate.

Note that this may not be applicable on all Frontier Airlines.

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