Mapnificient tells exactly where you can go using public transportation in a given time

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August 4, 2011  •  2 min(s) read


You are in a new city and wonder how much travelling you can do using a public transportation from a specific address in a given time? Mapnificient will just do that for you. You can select a city, enter your address, set an amount of time and the website will find exactly where you can go using public transportation in that time.

The estimates are for someone who will be walking around but if you have a bicycle then check it in the settings and it will widen the area of your travel. So now you can search for bars, restaurants or cafés by time rather than space.

If you’re about to rent an apartment and you want it near your workplace then see exactly what areas are within 15 minutes walk or 30 minutes bicycle ride from your office.

Currently available in some cities in US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, this Germany based company will be expanding the scope to more cities and countries in the world.

For developers, they also have a Mapnificient API.

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