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Travelomy launched with complete guides to S. Asian countries

June 30, 2011

Bangalore, India, based consumer web products startup Ciafo has launched Travelomy, the travel guide for South Asian countries – India, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives and Sri Lanka – covering approximately 5000 places and activities, it provides ranked and mapped lists of top tourist attractions, making it really easy for a traveler to plan his itinerary around these countries.

The website uses next generation technologies to deliver rich and useful content and uses them effectively to build a truly valuable information source for the traveler.

The social media integration enables the user to seek and share the latest information over the social streams, thereby making sure that he is never out of touch with his social graph. Users can login using Facebook Connect and edit almost all the information on the website, much alike Wikipedia. There are no ads on the website, making it one of the best user interfaces.

Enter a city on their homepage and you will be presented with an overview page that lists top attractions, nearby getaways and useful trivia, along with a left-side navigation for further in-depth details.

Travelomy - Overview Page

Travelomy - Overview Page

Click on the Pics and Videos link for pictures of destinations along with their exact location on the map. You can also see the user-uploaded videos from YouTube and other sites.

Travelomy - Pics & Videos

Travelomy - Pics & Videos

The When to go section has information on weather, months to visit and how to reach your destination.

Travelomy - When To Go

Travelomy - When To Go

And finally the top attractions is beautifully laid out with a list on one side and that list shown on the map on the other.

Travelomy - Top Attractions

Travelomy - Top Attractions

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