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June 28, 2011  •  3 min(s) read

Backpack Forever
Backpack Forever
Backpack Forever is a website that makes it easy for backpackers and budget travelers to rely on each other for travel information, tips and advice through an online, open-collaboration guidebook written by its members. It is also a community of budget travelers working together to turn their travel experiences into additional income.

Today, most backpackers travel with some sort of laptop or portable electronic device, making it easy to maintain regular contact with other backpackers. Micro-blogging in other forums, such as travel blogs, has become a popular source of information for travelers, who rely on personalized information to plan their trips. With increased connectivity and the proliferation of the Internet abroad, more and more backpackers are turning to each other and online resources for the best travel information, and less and less on traditional print guidebooks.

Every traveler wants all the information they can get – such as transportation, tips on hotels, saving money, places to see, etc – and through the use of “micro-blogging” technology, travelers can upload snippets of knowledge about the places they visit. All this knowledge, once uploaded, is indexed and organized by location and information type for the benefit of future travelers.

The Company’s founders, Matt Dahse and Tran Dang, believe that backpackers should have a travel community they can rely on for accurate and timely travel information, information you just can’t find in guidebooks. Since backpackers naturally rely on each other for the best travel information anyway, the site’s improvement is a logical step for the travel community.

Get Paid to Travel

In addition to the community of backpackers and budget travelers online, backpackers can get paid to travel. The Company’s unique profit-sharing approach means backpackers can get paid while traveling by sharing what they know, either through micro-blogging or by contributing traditional full-length articles. Unlike other travel sites, Backpack Forever returns 100% of the site’s profits to its members.

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