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Travel insurance for the volcanic ash cloud. Are you covered?

June 10, 2011

Flight cancellations at Argentina airport

Flight cancellations at Argentina airport (AP Photo)

Travelers to Chile, Argentina or Western European countries like United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands or Denmark may be wondering if their existing travel insurance policies provide compensations for the cancellation of flights or the entire holidays due to the Chilean or Icelandic volcanic ashes.

One of the things you need to look for when you purchase travel insurance is protection for travel disruption due to adverse weather conditions, and volcanic ash clouds. Most travel insurances don’t cover volcanic ash clouds, or hurricanes or tornadoes, but they do offer coverage as an optional extra to its standard policy. It is particularly suited to those who like to arrange their own travel and accommodation, as it covers financial loss of pre-paid accommodation, travel and excursion costs following cancellation, delay or missed departure of your connecting flights, due to strikes or volcanic ash clouds.

In most cases it’s best to know the destination and its weather-related problems so that you can get cover for your holiday. Just remember that cheap cover is not always the best value for money, and if you usually rely on cover provided free as a part of other financial products, then check that you are adequately protected.

Most importantly, take a few minutes to read through the Policy Booklet so that you know what you are entitled to if you do incur problems.

  • John Mark

    There is no cut and dry answer to the question whether travelers can make insurance claims over travel delays caused by the erupting volcano. Though the ash from the volcano affected only a limited part of the world, it prevented people from traveling to and traveling out of UK. In effect, the ash caused flight cancellations and delays across the world.

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