Tips: Carry receipts of items in bag for better payoff in case of lost baggage

Travel On The Dollar
June 8, 2011  •  1 min(s) read

Some insurance and airline companies ask for proof of the contents so take pictures of your luggage as well as its contents prior to leaving the house.

If you have lost your luggage then airline companies may give you the base minimum coverage which is $3,000. But if your bag had some valuables like jewelry, or expensive suit you had to wear at a wedding, or the laptop you chose to check-in, and maybe all of them then you stand a chance to lose out on a lot of money. But saving those receipts of your purchases can be of help.

Trip insurance claim can save you from the situation and some credit card services also offer replacement of lost baggage and property inside it. So save those receipts of the contents, and possible carry them with you, inside a binder clip or a small ziplock.

You can scan them to prove the lost list. This will help you get a payout that’s closer to their max level, rather than then the couple of bones they tossed you.

Travel On The Dollar