Discounted baggage fees on Delta now gone

Travel On The Dollar
June 3, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

We had reported in April that United stopped giving discounts to customers if they pay online for baggage fees. And now it’s Delta who stopped offering $2-3 discounts to travelers who prepaid those fees online instead of at the airport.

Delta Counter
Delta Counter
Starting yesterday, passengers will now pay the full price regardless of when or where they pay the fee.

Delta gives the reason that it’s a “competitive response” because no other U.S. airlines offer a similar discount. So, to be competitive, Delta is not offering a service that would make it unique?

There is other news from about Delta baggage fees:

Delta also now allows only one free checked bag for flights to Mexico, Central America or the Caribbean, rather than allowing two free checked bags for flights to Central America and some destinations in the Caribbean. Fees for a second checked bag to Europe also increased.

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