Google add flight schedule to its search results

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May 27, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

Google Flight Schedule
Google Flight Schedule

Google has added flight schedule and airport destinations on top of its search results, with an emphasis on non-stop routes.

Just type in a search like “flights from los angeles to minneapolis” and Google will show a selection of non-stop flights and the airlines that offer them. To see a full timetable, click on “Schedule of non-stop flights.” Expanding the results give a full schedule of upcoming flights with summary of the number of non-stop flights per day, how long the flight is, and which airlines service that route.

With the acquisition of our ITA last month, they are beginning to develop the new flight search tools to make it easier for you to plan a trip. While this flight schedule feature does not currently use ITA’s search technology, this is just a small step towards making richer travel information easier to find, and they hope to make finding flights online feel so easy, it’ll feel like… well, a vacation!

Google’s also added a way to see all the destinations with non-stop flights from your airport. Search for “flights from buffalo” and you’ll get a list of places you can visit non-stop from your local airport.

Plan your next trip with the new flight schedule feature [Google Inside Search Blog]

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