Save on a great short vacation with these tips

Travel On The Dollar
May 24, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

We have all felt the pinch of high gas prices and with the summer travel season here, most of us want the best for our bucks. Here are some tips to go out there and have a wonderful short vacation without the financial drain.


If you only have a few days to unwind, make air travel a logical choice. Prices depend on a lot of factors – carrier, competition, duration of stay, days of travel, etc. Many vacationers assume shorter flights will be cheaper, but that’s not always so. For example, fares between New York and Los Angeles or San Francisco are competitive because there are many available. Short flights cost less in one region than the other because more low-cost carriers compete to serve.

Moreover, a short weekend holiday means small baggage & less accessories to carry which is key to saving exorbitant baggage prices and extra time at check-in and baggage claims.


With gas prices over $4 a gallon in United States and running higher in other countries, it’s best to limit the driving time. Websites like can tell you what to expect to pay at the pump and help you get strategic. Rent a car rather than driving your own vehicle, as most rental companies offer unlimited mileage and some also offer low gas prices per gallon. Don’t forget to inflate your tires properly and use air conditioning only when necessary to help with mileage.

While on a freeway or a highway, make use of cruise control if your vehicle has one. That increases mileage while saving on filling tanks for gas.

Parking can be a hassle so look out for hotels offering free parking, or check out some websites for coupons and discounts on parking garages.


Choosing a destination that has efficient public transportation or with an easy walk to most places-to-see will definitely save some money. Some cities around the world offer ‘city cards’ that offers discounts on restaurants and museums, while offering free access to public transportation.

Lookout for deals in hotels that are located in the city center and walk walk walk! You will experience the city better that way than taking a taxi or bus.

Travel On The Dollar