Buy tickets on Tuesdays & fly on Wednesdays to save money

Travel On The Dollar
May 2, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

Apart from various ways to save money on your next trip, booking a flight on Tuesdays at around 3pm and flying out on Wednesdays can save you some dough.

The amazing people at FareCompare have done all the research for you and think that airlines often post their ticket sales on Monday evenings. The other airlines then try to come out with their own matching deals Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon, all the best fares in the computers and waiting for you!

Wednesday is the day least traveled, so its often the cheapest. Also, Wednesdays airlines charge the lowest peak travel day surcharges that are filed in the same manner as fuel surcharges which were popular in 2008 when oil hit $140+ per barrel.

From FareCompare on Peak Travel Day Surcharges:

The surcharge amount applicable for the specified departure day(s) is added to the base airfare price and a 7.5% sales tax is applied.

Then fees for airport facilities, FAA and TSA are added to that amount to provide the final quoted amount (you can typically only see them broken out if you view the fare rule restrictions for the “surcharge” category).

These charges are NOT charged separately like airline bag fees, which are an “extra” item (currently untaxed unless a few Congressmen get their way), like trip insurance, something you choose to pay. Passengers have no way to opt out of this surcharge, it is baked into the final flight price quote.

Airlines also benefit from filing surcharges in this manner because one simple rule changes tens of thousands of airfares, which means they don’t have to file specific date based airfares that can cost them filing fees.

So buy on Tuesdays, travel on Wednesdays, and you’ll have more money left over for those pretzels!

Travel On The Dollar