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April 20, 2011  •  4 min(s) read

Travel Writing
Travel Writing
The purpose of travel writing is to educate the reader about a selected destination. This can be in the form of a guide book, article or review. This will help the reader to get useful information before they visit the destination, or may even help in their decision as to whether to visit the place at all.

There are websites looking for someone who is passionate about travel writing and aspires to be a successful travel writer. If you have a travel blog or are an independent travel writer, you can make some extra dough by writing for some of the most visited travel websites. While some payments are negotiable, most websites offer anything between $10-$100 depending on the kind and size of your article. Various websites have different guidelines so make sure to go through each one or contact them for further information or questions, before you settle on writing for them.

Here’s a list of some websites that you can write for and make some money:

GoNOMAD is a one-stop resource center, designed to provide independent travelers with all the information and inspiration they need to plan their travels.
Link to submission guidelines
Pay: $25 per article
Editor: Max Hartshorn
Contact: editorial@gonomad.com

Print and online magazine featuring adventurous yet realistic view of the world. Mostly seeks adventure articles but also accepts a wide variety of travel related articles.
Link to submission guidelines
Pay: Negotiable
Editor: Kevin Valleyley
Contact: editor@outpostmagazine.com

Created for “perceptive travelers” who are open minded and independent.
Link to submission guidelines
Pay: $100 per article
Editor: Tim Leffel
Contact: editor@perceptivetravel.com

Student Traveler is the largest travel magazine for college students in the U.S. The magazine focuses on work, study and teaching opportunities abroad.
Pay: 15 cents per word, $20 per photo.
Editor: Eric Tiettmeyer
Contact: eric@studenttraveler.com

Created for ‘non-touring’ travelers, Transitions Abroad is an outlet for travel writers to share their experiences and stories as well as a resource for people who aspire for a life on the road or who want to learn how to live, work and study abroad.
Link to submission guidelines
Pay: $50-150 (depending on length)
Editor: Gregory Hubbs
Contact: webeditorial@transitionsabroad.com

Online travel magazine that celebrates global travel and covers the most fascinating people, places and experiences all over the world.
Pay: $35-40 per feature
Editor: Janna Graber
Contact: submissions@goworldpublishing.com

Literary Traveler is looking for articles that capture the literary imagination which have been inspired by a particular writer or a piece of literature.
Link to submission guidelines
Pay: $50 per article
Contact: submissions@literarytraveler.com

A webzine dedicated to informing and inspiring readers about real travel experiences. Seeks informative pieces about practical travel and the interesting aspects of a particular destination.
Link to submission guidelines
Pay: $10 per article
Contact: editor@intheknowtraveler.com

Verge Magazine is a resource for travelers wanting to study, work, volunteer and/or have an adventure overseas. Highlights the concept of ‘traveling with a purpose’.
Link to submission guidelines
Pay: 0.10 Canadian cents per word
Editor: Andrea Gourgy
Contact: contributing@Vergemagazine.ca

Travel Thru History publishes stories featuring the historical, archaeological, and cultural aspects of a destination.
Link to submission guidelines
Pay: $10-25
Contact: submissions@travelthruhistory.com

TheExpeditioner.com is an online travel magazine based in Brooklyn, New York, featuring travel articles and video for the young and avid traveler.
Link to submission guidelines
Pay: negotiable
Editor: Matthew Stabile
Contact: matt.stabile@TheExpeditioner.com

If you are a travel website offering moolah for writing and not listed here, please let us know and we will add it to the list here.

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