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Never miss your bus or train stop by using TravAlert

April 7, 2011



Have you ever missed your bus or train stop because you fell asleep or maybe you were reading something? Most people fall asleep on public transit, whether intentionally or otherwise. Mobile app TravAlert keeps track of your location without killing your battery, and then wakes you up in time to get off at the right stop.

TravAlert works by sending out a GPS ping every X number of seconds to figure out your location relative to your destination, making sure you’re still on schedule. If you head into a tunnel or another area without service, TravAlert estimates where you’ll be based on your last GPS position.

Travelers can select a bus or a train and their destination into the app, setting the alert for either minutes or miles away. You can also adjust the alarm’s sound, make it vibrate or even select a song from your phone’s song library.

You can define the distance from your stop that the app should alert you. When you’re a distance that you had defined, it alerts you in the way you choose to wake up and get your gear together. It could also be handy when you’re on a noisy line and can’t quite hear the conductor.

In case you travel on transport other than buses and trains, the company plans to create functionalities for air travel (with airport maps instead of an actual alarm) and for automobile travel, which lets users figure out if destinations like a McDonalds or an outlet mall are “on the way,” using a custom radius “bubble” of two miles.

TravAlert is a $1.99 purchase for iOS and Android, and also available for BlackBerry.



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