Ryan Air – new fees and child-free flights

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March 31, 2011  •  1 min(s) read

Extra fees

Ryanair, Europe’s discount carrier, announced it would introduce a €2 levy per passenger for all bookings made from Monday 4th April 2011 in order to fund its costs of flight cancellations, delays and its EU261 costs in “force majeure” cases where the airline is not responsible for either the delays or cancellations. Those laws hold airlines liable for fliers’ costs when they’re stranded on the ground, even when the delays or cancellations are beyond the airlines’ control.

Ryanair believes that the unfair and discriminatory elements of the airline EU261 regulations should be amended to relieve airlines of the burden of providing care in cases where the cancellations and/or delays are clearly not the responsibility or fault of the airlines.

Child-free Flights

Ryanair announced today to travel site TravelMole, that it will introduce child-free flights from October.

The airline said the adult-only flights would be on selected high frequency flights. It refused to disclose more details.

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