How to check U.S. Mail while you’re traveling

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March 29, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

NOTE: This article is applicable for residents of continental United States only.

Making a Round The World (RTW) trip takes a lot of planning and one of the things every traveler is concerned is to make sure to pay all bills on time. Although most of bills can be paid-off online these days, there are chances one may still receive something important in their U.S. Postal Mail Box and most travelers are worried that the box will collect junk while they are away. That one bill they can’t pay online, some important tax information document or just a rebate check. In any event, every traveler might face that feeling that there’s something in your mailbox that they need to take care of, before it’s too late.

Earth Class Mail
Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail offers a new way to manage the direct mail online while one is travelling. The US Postal Certified Earthclass Mail company will receive the mail to an electronic post office box. They will scan the front and back of all of the envelopes and catalogs received, and send them to a secure email which can be handled by logging-in. One can look at the scanned images of your mail and choose to have the contents scanned into a PDF document, recycled, shredded, or forwarded to any address provided, worldwide.

Rebate and other checks can be deposited in a bank account if provided.

Prices start from $19.95 for standard service to $39.95 for a comprehensive package, per month. There are additional costs for a range of services.

Here’s a demo of their services:

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