Bing adds “Attractions” to its travel feature

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March 18, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

In keeping with its expansion of travel-related features, Bing has launched new Attractions Pages, and an Attractions Tab as a search option. The feature is designed to be a way to find out more information related to specific tourist attractions for any given location.

Attractions bring together a number of bits of information for over 50,000 attractions around the world, offering addresses, details, reviews, video, and images all in one page.

Bing Attractions
Bing Attractions

The attractions pages themselves provide address, website, and phone information, as well as star rating system. They also provide things like related images and videos, maps, hours of operation, upcoming events, reviews, directions, nearby restaurants and parking, etc.

Bing Attractions Details
Bing Attractions Details

The Attractions page features, as many of the Bing vertical pages do, filters on the left hand side to narrow down your searches, say to museums, or by neighborhood, etc. Bing continues to expand the filtering features, as well, and one of our readers noted that “Narrow by Date” has recently been added as a filtering option for some searches.

As Stefan Weitz says in the video accompanying the blog post, Bing is continuing to “bring you structured information in a way that helps you make a decision”, as it continues to move beyond 10 blue links.

Send in your comments and feedback on what you think about this new feature.

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