PayPal accepts payments from Croatia

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March 17, 2011  •  1 min(s) read

Croatia Travel Blog reports that PayPal has decided to let Croatians into the system. What that means is that Croatians can now receive money via PayPal as well as use PayPal for online purchases which they have been able to do for years.

From Croatia Travel Blog:

This change has a potentially large impact both on travellers looking for budget accommodation and on suppliers of rooms and apartments that market internationally. Previously, owners of private accommodation would demand a cash deposit to hold a room, particularly during the high season. The problem was that sending money via a wire transfer or via Western Union is costly which somewhat defeats the purpose of trying to save money on accommodation. Many travellers were uncomfortable sending money into the ether but accommodation owners felt they had little choice.

Now they do. Anyone in Croatia can open a PayPal account and receive payments that can be withdrawn either onto a Visa card or to a US bank. If you are a merchant or supplier of rental accommodation in Croatia this is the way to go. Just go to this link to get started.

If you are booking a private accommodation in Croatia and the owner asks for a transfer via wire or Western Union as a deposit, show them the post and urge them to sign up!

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