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No more pretzels in coach, says Continental

March 7, 2011

Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines

On March 1, Continental ended all free snacks in economy class. The airline expects the move will save $2.5 million a year.

Continental is matching the no-free-snacks policy at its merger partner, United Airlines. Among other big U.S. carriers, American and US Airways have also dropped complimentary “beverage snacks.”

AirTran, Delta and Southwest still have free pretzels, Biscoff cookies and peanuts. Frontier has baked-on-board chocolate chip cookies served after 10 a.m.

The United-Continentals recently announced that continental jets would eventually be outfitted with United’s “Economy Plus” seats, which offer more legroom for an extra fee.

Continental Airlines ends free pretzels for economy-class customers [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

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