Indian and Chinese nationals can avail of visa-upon-arrival for Armenia

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February 5, 2011  •  1 min(s) read

Armenia Diaspora reports that Indian and Chinese nationals will now be able to get their visas upon arrival in Yerevan, after the Armenian Government decided to relax visa norms for these two countries.

In 2008, Armenia made a list to include 18 states, which are required to have invitations from Armenia to apply for entry visas. That list included China and India. The Armenian government on Thursday decided to remove China and India from a 2008 list, which requires invitations for Chinese and Indian nationals to get their entry visas to Armenia.

The decision means that Chinese and Indian nationals will get their visas upon landing. Previously, only diplomat and service passport holders from these two countries enjoyed visa-free travel to Armenia, Xinhua reports.

The Armenian foreign ministry said that China and India are of interest to Armenia.

Both countries have shown a balanced approach toward Armenia and both have registered steady economic growths and have had huge trade surplus with Armenia. The Armenian foreign ministry said that strict visa requirements for Chinese and Indian nationals are no longer in line with the spirit of the relations between these two countries and Armenia.

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