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Crossing Bosnian territory between Split & Dubrovnik, Croatia

February 3, 2011

We are excited about our travel to Croatia this summer and will be blogging from there in the month of May so watch this space for our itinerary, travel plans and much more!

As per our itinerary, we may be driving from Split to Dubrovnik in Croatia and as the map below shows, one has to pass through the Neum corridor of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

While we are planning this trip, one of the questions came up was “do we need a visa of Bosnia to transit through this territory?”

Croatia - Bosnia Map

Croatia - Bosnia Map

We wrote to the Croatian Consul General in United States at asking the question and we got a quick response from them:

Please be informed that according to the Agreement on a free transit through the territory of the Republic of Croatia to and from the Port of Ploce and through the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina at Neum from the 22 November 1998 on the International border crossing Klek-Neum and Zaton Doli – Neum there is no border control for the foreigners who are transiting without stopping (by using the green track) through the Neum corridor.

Here’s the official email we got from them:

Email from Croatian Embassy

Email from Croatian Embassy

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