Proposed new rules may get better compensation for passengers

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June 11, 2010  •  1 min(s) read

There are rules in place currently for overbooking passengers and bumping them resulting in disruption of travel plans. New rules are being proposed to increase the compensation a passenger may get, which makes things complex as found by travel expert Elliott. Some of the proposed rules, as listed by the site are:

1. Denied Boarding Compensation (DBC) must be increased to reflect the rise in consumer prices since 1978.
2. There must be an automatic inflation adjustment on minimum DBC payout levels.
3. DBC to be offered to involuntarily bumped “zero fare ticket” holders.
4. Airlines must also verbally offer a cash or check DBC if they verbally offer a travel voucher.
5. When asking for volunteers for DBC, airlines must also disclose any boarding priority rules and any restrictions for that flight.

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