Spirit Airlines now charge for carry-on baggages in addition to check-in

All flights booked starting today and on for flights after August 1, passengers on Spirit Airlines (baggage policy) must also pay for a carry-on above a personal item. This is a new fee and to take on any bag aside from personal items like purse or briefcase, you’ll be payingÖ

  • $20 online if you’re a Spirit club member,
  • $30 online for non-members and
  • $45 at the airport.
Spirit Airlines Carry-on Baggage Fees
Spirit Airlines Carry-on Baggage Fees

In addition to this new fee, the checked rates have gone up to $15 online for members on domestic/$20 on international, $25 online for non-members on domestic/$30 on international and $45 for anyone checking their first bag at the airport. Additional fees apply for additional bags.

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