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January 7, 2010  •  2 min(s) read

Yahoo! India signs deal with has entered into a strategic advertising partnership with Yahoo! India to promote the portal. As a part of this deal, Yatra will be featured as the recommended travel website on Yahoo! India homepage. Yahoo! India will also provide dedicated display advertising inventory to Yatra on its homepage, finance and news sections. intends to build a formidable online presence, through a combination of display ads, search and as a recommended partner.


Facebook to address the US online travel industry
Facebook will join the exciting line of top travel brands at EyeforTravel’s Social Media Strategies for Travel 2010 conference which will be held in San Francisco, 24-25 March.  With over 300 million users, the leading social networking site consistently tops Western world rankings as the number 1 most visited social networking site and plays a dominant role in the ever-changing social media landscape.

Facebook’s far reaching audiences have long provided an attractive platform for companies to experiment with engaging new customers, increasing brand awareness and brand interaction.   There have been many interesting case studies published in the media detailing the innovative ways companies have used Facebook’s diverse features and the degrees of success that they have experienced.

Many US travel companies have recognised the need to have a Facebook presence and are devoting an increasing amount of resources towards it.  Making their presence meaningful and understanding how customers prefer to use Facebook however is still (according to EyeforTravel Research) a key challenge.  Other industries such as retail have frequently taken the lead in this area and there is much for travel companies still to learn.

A leading representative from Facebook will be presenting on a session examining how to get the most out of valuable time and resources invested in social media.  Following their presentation the audience of senior travel professionals will have their chance to ask questions.

[Source: m-travel]

Offering customised lodgings to each customer
Torrenegra Labs has completed the beta version of its new online venture, The travel site is a new online marketplace where travelers submit itineraries, and lodgings bid for their business.

Lodgings can see other bids for any itinerary they’ve been invited to bid for, and can adjust their off ers accordingly, in real time. Travelers choose the bids they like best based on features, location, and price.

According to the company, LetMeGo distinguishes itself in several important ways from the biggest names in the online travel and lodging industry. Differentiators include:

Semi-transparent bidding process: LetMeGo brings the reverse-auction model to the lodging industry. By allowing travelers to choose lodgings from which they wish to receive bids, and by allowing both travellers and lodging managers to compare those bids in real time, LetMeGo brings unprecedented clarity and efficiency to the process of choosing a lodging.

Access to all lodging types: LetMeGo users can receive bids from any type of lodging they choose, from hotels to vacation rentals to apartment buildings to B&Bs.


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