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World’s fastest rail-line opens in China

December 26, 2009

The Wuhan–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway, also known as the Wuguang Passenger Railway, is a 968-kilometre (601 mi) high-speed rail line, operated by China Railway High-speed (CRH), connecting Wuhan (Hubei) and Guangzhou (Guangdong), in the People’s Republic of China. It is the world’s fastest train service, utilizing double-heading CRH2C and CRH3C trains which average 313 kilometres per hour (194 mph) in commercial service.

The line is part of the future 2100-km long Beijing-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway, while the Beijing-Shijiazhuang and Shijiazhuang-Wuhan sections are still under construction and expected to be opened in 2012.

From December 28, 2009, until Guangzhou South Station is opened in late January 2010, 28 passenger trains run on the line. Of these 28 trains, 2 run between Wuhan and Changsha South, 5 run between Changsha South and Guangzhou North, and 21 run between Wuhan and Guangzhou North. 2 of the 21 trains are non-stop, cover the 922-km long journey in 02h57m or 02h58m.

There are 18 stations on the line. 14 of them are opened for passenger service. Guangzhou South station is expected to be opened on January 30, 2010. Lechang East and Yingde West stations are under construction. Wulongquan East is an overtaking station, not opened for service.
It is operated by double-heading CRH2C and CRH3C trains. Each train group has two trains totaling 16 cars. The passenger capacity is about 1114 (CRH3C) or 1220 (CRH2C).

The second class is about ¥0.46 per kilometer and the first class is 60% higher. Deluxe class is also available on CRH3 trains, which is about 80% higher than second class. Like other train services in China, insurance of ¥0.0011722 per kilometer is included for every ticket. The rate-making distance is based on the existing Jingguang Railway, not the actual rail distance of the new railway. Hence though the actual rail distance between Wuhan and Guangzhou South is 968 km, 1069 km is charged. The ticket price between the two terminal stations is ¥490 and ¥780

Before this line was open, the fastest commercial train service was the train run between Lorraine TGV and Champagne TGV in France, averaging 279 km/h.

Station Information:
0 – Wuhan
48 – Wulongquan East
85 – Xianning North
127 – Chibi North
209 – Yueyang East
279 – Miluo East
347 – Changsha South
387 – Zhuzhou West
455 – Hengshan West
496 – Hengyang East
552 – Leiyang West
628 – Chenzhou West
711 – Lechang East
758 – Shaoguan
826 – Yingde West
885 – Qingyuan
922 – Guangzhou North
968 – Guangzhou South

[Source: Wikipedia]

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