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Travel apps for iPhone

July 20, 2009


UPDATED- October 1, 2011: Check out reviews of all the travel apps for iOS.

UPDATED- April 11, 2011: Also read our popular post “Free travel apps for iPhone, iPod & iPad” series – Part1, Part 2 and Part 3.

UPDATED- March 28, 2011: Compare free currency converter apps for iOS devices.

When it comes right down to it, these days, my iPhone has become one of my most important travel tools. So, I thought I’d share the apps I use most often while on the road.

FlightTrack Pro ($9.99, This app gets real-time flight itinerary information from around the world, as well as information about airport delays and closures, weather forecasts, and alternate flight schedules. You can even e-mail your flight info to their Tripit site and they monitor your flights and routes and send alerts if there are problems.
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Next Flight ($2.99, Should you get bumped from a flight and need to find another one, this app is for you. It provides access to all the flights from all airlines and shows the next flight out to your destination.

Night Stand ($.99, This app turns your iPhone into a glowing clock that is always on when plugged in, giving you a virtual alarm clock, as well as instant read of the time in the dark.

WeatherBug (Free, One of the better weather sites for around the world weather monitoring.

Skype for iPhone (Free and $.02 to $.03/minute for most international calls, Very cheap international calling as well as free P2P calls.

Timezone ($.99, It’s the best custom time zone clock.

Evernote for iPhone (Free, I find this to be one of the more handy sites for me to jot down notes and keep them synched.

World Customs ($.99, This app tells you about the customs from countries around the world, saving you from making any drastic faux pas when in a new country.

HearPlanet ($4.99, Great app that tells you what is nearby, and, once you’re at a location, it tells you about it and serves as your instant local travel guide. Very cool.

Currency (Free, Provides up-to-date currency information and instant conversion.
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Urbanspoon (Free, Location-based app that, with the shake of the iPod, delivers a series of local restaurants of varying food styles that are close by.

Language Translator (Free, Translates words and full sentences into local languages. Supports 42 languages.

TripIt (Free, Organize all your travel plans using the TripIt service and iPhone. Access itineraries with flight, hotel, and rental car information, plus local weather.
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Tipulator ($1.99, Calculate tip amounts based on bill, level of service, and number of people in your party.
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One more thing: If you fly a lot, then you can have one other item stuffed in your bag that is really cool and very practical. It’s called iFlyz ($29.95, It’s a mini-stand for your iPhone (or iTouch, Zune, etc.). There’s a suction cup at one end that connects your device, while an adjustable clip attaches to the tray stand. It will give you a hands-free viewing experience when you fly for watching movies, music videos, etc.

Traveling can be difficult, but the right tech tools can make it tolerable and, in some cases, even pleasurable.

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