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July 20, 2009  •  1 min(s) read

Have you taken a Google City Tour? The latest experiment ( from Google Labs suggests multiday travel itineraries using Google maps.

What’s hot: Google is becoming more involved with travel. If you’re making a trip to New York, for instance, you can let City Tours take you from Grand Central Station to Times Square, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Museum of Modern Art, Central Park, the World Trade Center disaster memorial site and more. You can customize your itinerary by adding or removing popular places to visit from its list, or you can type in your own spot. You can also divide a five-day trip into a day-by-day itinerary. It’s a quick and easy primer for those who are first-time visitors to a city.

What’s not: So far, the service has suggested itineraries for only New York, San Francisco, London and Dublin, Ireland. The author tried to test some cities off the lineup (Las Vegas and San Diego), and it was obvious they were not quite ready for public consumption. Both San Diego and Vegas were heavy on museums. Although the site offered information on walking in Las Vegas, the author hoped no one would ever actually walk — at least, in summer — from near the Strip to the Springs Preserve (about five miles from the Encore hotel), not to mention the Elvis-a-Rama Museum, which might be doable because it’s only about three miles from the Mandalay Bay Hotel, but it closed in 2006. Keep your eye on this site as the product grows.

[Source: LATimes]

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