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Blue Frog club in Mumbai

April 26, 2009

A large, defunct industrial warehouse in the old mill district in central Mumbai is converted into a complex of sound recording studios and an acoustically outstanding live music club. The club needed to provide musicians and audiences with a superb auditory experience while also accommodating fine dining, drinking and dancing space.

Contemporary Urban Design, Mumbai — led by architect Kapil Gupta — designed the club. Their design strategy was to functionally blend the acoustic, spatial and performative characteristics of a traditional opera house with the demands of a full-fledged restaurant and bar while preserving the structural beauty of the old warehouse.

Critical performative demands on the design were clear sight lines from seated diners and patrons standing at the bar to the stage, given how crowded the lounge would be over weekends and popular performances. The design resolved this by using a “raked” section, which allows the eye level of diners and standing patrons to be distributed across staggered platforms that increase in height away from the stage.

Blue Frog Lounge

Blue Frog Lounge

A grid of circular, mahogany-panelled dining “pods” occupy these platforms and seat between 4-10 people. Their geometric outlay maintains uninterrupted views of the stage as well as a comfortable distance between diners irrespective of how crowded the rest of the club gets. A gently undulating, glowing acrylic resin surface over the pods retains the presence of the architecture amidst a state-of-the-art sound and light show at Blue Frog.

The elevated pods are arranged, amphitheatre-style, around a large circular floor that can accommodate standing/dancing patrons; the floor can also function as a 360 degree stage for performances requiring an intimate viewing experience. At one end of the floor is a large, raised stage for main performances.

Visual coherence is established by the propagation and repetition of the circular grid as a design language across a host of details, from dimpled acoustic panels on the walls to the back-bar display.
The air-conditioning system is fitted with jet diffusers so that air flows freely, minimizing noise from forced air. Newly launched L-Acoustics coaxial speakers and intelligent amplification capable of delivering the perfect energy output are the basis of their sound system; the FOH (Front of House) comprises the latest equipment controlling state-of-the-art visual and lighting display technology.

Blue Frog Lounge

Blue Frog Lounge

Mathuradas Mills Compound
NM Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, 400013, India
Tel: +91 22 4033 2333

Hours: Open Mon 12am-1:15am, 6:30pm-1:15am; Tue-Sat 6:30pm-1:15am; Sun 6:30pm-12am

Blue Frog Lounge

Blue Frog Lounge

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