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March 25, 2009  •  3 min(s) read

If you’re comfortable staying at a stranger’s home while traveling, iStopOver is a service that connects travelers with locals renting rooms—at rates well below local hotels. And is the place on the Internet for direct rental of excess capacity in homes and offices.

Guests (Travelers) use iStopOver to find accommodation in someone’s home as an alternative to paying high hotel rates. Usually priced well below average hotel rooms, renting a room on iStopOver offers real value. You won’t find impersonal check-in, loud noise from other guests, and extra charges at every step. In many cases, it gives you the opportunity to “live like a local”.


iStopOver Search results for New York
iStopOver Search results for New York

The service operates like a hotel search engine, you enter the city and the dates you’ll be visiting that city and iStopOver returns the available rooms for rent. You can check out pictures of the location, see it on a Google Maps mashup, the available price, and if the room has been rented consistently even see ratings from previous visitors. Everything is handled by iStopOver, including the transfer of money between parties. When you arrive at your selected location you give the owner a code which they use to tell iStopOver that you’ve arrived. If things aren’t like they promised you can leave without ever “checking in” and iStopOver will refund your money.

Hosts (Homeowners/Office managers) use iStopOver to post listings to rent out excess capacity in their home or office, on a short-term basis, directly to Guests. iStopOver is the facilitator to connect Guests to Hosts. The interaction and rental process takes place directly between the Host and the Guest – in Internet terms, a peer-to-peer process. There are no agencies, no pressure – you deal directly with each other.

In the home market, iStopOver facilitates short-term home-away-from-home B&B style accommodation with good, old- fashioned value. We believe that someone, halfway around the world, is as much your neighbor as the guy next door, it’s just a longer walk to borrow a cup of sugar.


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