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March 1, 2009

While I watch the travels shows on TV, the one thing I keep wondering is why would they not show titles on the screen – titles on costs or just the names of cities or places the hosts are visiting? They say those names of the cities or places they are visiting, but some of the foreign names are spelt & prnounced differently, and if you – as a prominent visitior – want to visit those places you’d ask yourself – “what was that name (s)he just said?” I was watching a show where the host was in Cĕsky Krumlov (pronounced Chesky Krumlof) in Czech Republic, which, for a new traveler, who’d love to visit, would go to Google and search for “Chesky Krumlof” and just maybe find the actual place. It would have somewhat, or maybe really, helped to know it’s spelt as Cĕsky Krumlov!

Samatha Brown’s “Passport to Europe” (Travel Channel) has some titles on the screen, but Lonely Planet series and Rick Steves’ Europe series don’t show any titles. Some of the things we would love to see on the screen are:
1. Name of places that are being visited – this is the least we can ask for!

2. Hotels
2a. Name of the hotel
2a. Reservation phone number
2b. Website URL of the Hotel, maybe!
2c. Cost of the rooms – single occupancy, double… blah blah
2d. How about a rating – a la
2e. Not that we’re asking for too much, but how about any other cheaper options!

3. High-level (zoomed out) map of where the city exactly is in this big wide world.

4. Ok, so you meet these amazing local people who look extremly happy to show you around; so can we meet them too, please? If they are people who have enrolled in websites like, and would love to show you around, then can you please (ask them and if they are ok then) give us their email address?

5. We like your commuting options recommendations, but can you please show some information on those options – like bus number or metro routes.

6. Oh and how about mentioning costs of the tickets for the commute options – and it would be wonderful if you can tell us where we can purchase them from?

Fine, we will buy your travel guides and look up all this information, but it’d be really nice of you if you can give basic information about [some of] the items we mentioned above.

We, at Travel on a dollar, would be bringing you these information and making sure you have options on your travel destinations. Keep visiting for more.


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