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Scandinavia Trip – The idea

February 26, 2009

Back in the days when I learned that the earth was round (almost!) and what this world was all about, (for some reason I don’t remember) I have been fascinated by Scandinavia. It always seemed to me that everyone went to Americas and “mainland” Europe but no one went to Scandinavia for a trip or maybe a honeymoon! It’s been a dream to visit the Viking & Fjord country and see what they really mean by “Land of the midnight sun”. So, this is now that I have started planning for this trip of a lifetime (at least for me).

So here are the first details of the first tentative trip:

When: Tentative
Length: 4 weeks (maximum)
Cost: US$5,000 (maximum) This includes everything.

Places to visit:

Norway – Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø
Sweden – Stockholm
Denmark – Copenhagen, Ærøskøbing
Finland – Helsinki
Estonia – Tallinn

Keep checking for details.

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