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Scandinavia Trip – Estimated costs for the trip

February 26, 2009

For a 23-day trip from Los Angeles, US to the four Scandinavian countries – Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark – and Estonia, here’s the tentative costs for the trip:

Where: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia


So here are the TENTATIVE costs for the trip. These include accommodation in Youth Hostel, food for one person per day in each city, and other costs from train, cruises and buses. Please note that these are tentative and does not include any personal expenses. Some of the costs cannot be determined so I have put my assumptions.

Note: All costs are subject to change. These are as per current (2008) rates, which may be different in 2009.

Costs for Local Curr USD Notes
Travel Insurance $150 Tentative
Visa Fees $100 Schengen visa fees – $95 + $5 FedEx fees. N/A to U.S. Citizens. Fees may vary from one consulate to other.
Airfare & Railpass
LAX-OSL and CPH-LAX $1,300 Tentative
BGO-TOS and TOS-OSL $300 Tentative
TLL-CPH $150 Tentative
Scandinavia Railpass $515 For 8 days in 2 months. $437 “Saver pass” (for 2 or more) Link
Oslo – Bergen Trip (Norway)
Train from Oslo to Myrdal Nkr 567 $114 Upgrade to “Komfort” for an additional 75NOK ($15)
Train from Myrdal to Flåm Nkr 190 $38 Note: Actual price. 30% with Railpass
Cruise from Flåm to Gudvangen Nkr 215 $43
Bus from Gudvangen to Voss Nkr 76 $15
Train from Voss to Bergen Nkr 153 $31
Food $25 For 1 day
Oslo (Norway)
Accomodation (YHI) Nkr 460 $92 Approx: For 2 nights, per bed, per person
Bus from Airport to City Nkr 80 $16 Note: Covered by railpass
Food $50 For 2 days
Oslo Pass Nkr 320 $64 For 48 hrs. Nkr 220 ($44) for 24 hrs
Bergen (Norway)
Accomodation (YHI) Nkr 310 $62 Approx: For 2 nights, per bed, per person
Food $50 For 2 days
Bus from City Center to Airport Nkr 70 $14 One way
Bergen Folklore Folk Dance Nkr 350 $70 Includes bus trip and meal
Funicular to Fløibanen Nkr 70 $14
Tromsø (Norway)
Accomodation (YHI) Nkr 400 $80 Approx: prices for 1 bed for 2 nights. For a Single room it’s Nkr 350, hostel open from 6/17 to 8/14.
Food $50 For 2 days
Stockholm (Sweden)
Accomodation (YHI) Skr 460 $74 Approx: For 2 nights, per bed, per person
Food $50 For 2 days
Stockholm – Helsinki Cruise €55 $83 Note: Railpass holders get 50% discount on both Silja & Viking lines
Stockholm Card $79 For 48 hrs. $57 for 24 hrs
Helsinki (Finland)
Accomodation (YHI) €100 $150 Approx: For 2 nights, per bed, per person
Food $50 For 2 days
Helsinki – Tallinn Cruise €57 $86 €50 one way, maximum. Some lines available for €30. A €7 service charge applies in booking tickets.
Tallinn (Estonia)
Accomodation (YHI) $60 Online booking N/A: Tallinn – Tallinn Backpackers, Lai 10, Tallinn 10133 Estonia, No rates online
Food $50 For 2 days
Copenhagen (Denmark)
Accomodation (YHI) Dkr 440 $88 Approx: For 2 nights, per bed, per person
Food $50 For 2 days
Copenhagen – Ærøskøbing Trip Dkr 545 $90 Dkr 345 (Round-trip ferry) + Dkr 200 Train (approx). Prices for round-trip.
Airport to Downtown Train Dkr 30 $5
Copenhagen Card Dkr 459 $75 For 72 hr card. Dkr 209 ($35) for 24 hr card. No 48-hr card available.
Ærøskøbing (Denmark)
Accomodation (YHI) Dkr 300 $50 Approx: For 2 nights, per bed, per person. Online booking N/A: Ærøskøbing, Smedevejen 15, 5970 Ærøskøbing, Tel. +45-62521044, Fax. +45-62521644,
Food $50 For 2 days
Total $4,474

Add another $600 for personal expenses or any additional expenses and you reach the $5,000 mark!

YHI – Youth Hostel International
LAX – Los Angeles International Airport
OSL – Oslo Lufthavn Airport
CPH – Copenhagen Lufthavne Airport
TOS – Tromsø Langnes Airport
BGO – Bergen Airport Flesland
TLL – Tallinn Airport
Nkr – Norwegian Kroner
Skr – Swedish Krona
Dkr – Danish Krone
Ekr – Estonian Kroonie

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